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Reminded of a favourite joke

I am deeply grateful for the above award given to me by the good people at Doras. Doras, (the gaelic word for "door") run a great site which includes a directory of irish and irish-related sites. The award above signifies that this site has been included in the directory and rated at two shamrocks.

However, I laughed heartily when I saw the rating as I was reminded of one of my favorite jokes from a (very) old comedy show called "are you being served". The show is set in the drapery section of a large department store and in this episode, the staff are planning an "outing".

During the conversation, it transpires that the booked hotel is a "one star" hotel. One of the staff enquires "exactly how good is a one star hotel?". The reply comes "Let me put it this way, there is no such thing as a no star hotel".

I am deeply grateful to Doras for sparing me the prospect of being a one shamrock site.

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