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Home of the "Snag List Generator"!! ...Ahem

[Jan 2006] Thanks for all of you that have added kind comments in the guest book, I'll try share some experiences from the recent projects of converting the garage and building a conservatory soon.

Thanks for visiting my amateur DIY site. The greatly exagerated title of "Snag List Generator" refers to a list of typical things to check before taking possession of a new house. I've listed what we checked and hereby ernestly beg people to mail me their own suggestions to add to the list.

I also have some "war stories" on the DIY projects I have been doing in the new house. I am by no means an expert! I am merely recounting the stories of the projects that I have done, in the hope that someone will benefit from them or at least be able to avoid my mistakes. Further contributions also welcome.

I think that while there is a lot of DIY stuff out there on the net, it is short on detail and US centric. So this is my feeble attempt to redress the balance. Each of these stories details what we did and how it turned out. Usually it was our first time so I hope it's some help to another first timer.

For cringe-making effect I've just started a few scare stories I've heard of things going badly wrong. I'd welcome comments.

My TWO shamrocks award, read their review here and the joke the award reminded me of here.

Louis Finegan, 2nd Feb 2000.

My (very amateur) DIY pages

Sand and Stain: Sanding and dyeing standard builder's floorboards
Varnish: Varnishing red deal doors
Shower Doors: Buying and installing them
Under counter lighting: Its here but under construction
Renting Tools: Nervous about your first trip to the tool rental shop?
Builder's Providers: Nervous about shopping with these people?
Horror Stories: Dreadful things people have found wrong with their houses
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