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First, one of my favourites Dilbert In the list below are some of my favourite DIY links. They are all related to American "home improvement" shows that I waste most Saturday and Sunday mornings watching on "Discovery Home and Leisure" channel. "The Furniture Guys" are my all-time favourites and their site is well worth a visit. I also like the "Hometime" section on Dean's former "wives".

Home: Oh my God! I nearly left Louis' wonderful site!

Other DIY type links, TV shows on Discovery

P.S. when I say "discovery" I'm referring to a satelite TV station in Europe which goes by the title "Discovery Home and Leisure".

Dicover Home and Leisure

It may or may not be related to other stations of the same name in the States.

The Furniture Guys: Ed and Joe host a manic judo-gay furniture restoration show on "Discovery Home and Leisure"
Bob Vila: The homepage of the host of "Home Again"

This old House :Homepage of another "Discovery Home and Leisure" Show

Hometime: How many wives does Dean have? has he murdered the early ones? all the answers here

The New Yankee Workshop: This is a great great woodworking show!! It's called "The New Yankee Workshop". I like the web site as well and have included a link even though they keep ignoring my requests to use an official link image, hense the "test" image.

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