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The Definitive Snag List Generator

Fancy title. This is a list of everything I can think of to check in a new house.

It is now also a list of everything David O'Loughlin can think of as well. See Page 2: By David O'Loughlin to find out what I mean.

If you go through this list and write down everything you can see that's wrong, you should have a pretty good snag list even before your engineer or surveyor gets going.

This was motivated by my own recent experiences and the fact that surveyors and engineers are more concerned with structural things than with nitty gritty items like electric sockets working.

I hope this is some use to you. I will try and constantly improve it so that it is comprehensive. THIS IS NO REPLACEMENT FOR HAVING YOUR HOUSE PROPERLY INSPECTED BY A PROFESSIONAL. We did not have one but that was our decision and I am an engineer (though not a civil engineer).

Snag List
Area Description
Attic Is it insulated ?
Attic access door and surround on landing needs repainting
Bathroom floor near base of toilet uneven and rough
Bathroom Bath surround not properly attached
Bed 2 gaps between skirting sections and between skirting and wall
Bed 2 Skirting patched rather than finished properly
Bed 3 architrave damaged
Bed 3 gap between window sill and window frame
Bed 4 wall destroyed around light switch
Bed 4 hole in wall near window sill
Bed 4 gap between window sill and window frame
Bed 4 Damage to landing door architrave and adjoining walls
Cloak Room Damage to skirting board
Cloak Room Repainting required on ceiling and skirting
Doors Master bed door does not close properly
Doors 3rd bed door does not lock
Doors handles are very stiff
Doors Open holes in the hall/living room door around glass panel.
Doors Need keys to check they lock
Doors 25mm clearance required under hall to living room door and living room double doors. There is not enough clearance at present.
Ensuite earth wiring obvious on radiator (Withdrawn)
Ensuite sealing around shower incomplete
Ensuite gaps around shower control knobs
Ensuite temperature knob on shower will not go beyond setting 6
Ensuite architrave damaged
Floors All downstairs floors seem to vary in height - additional levelling seems to have been added recently - Downstairs floor must be level.
Floors upstairs floors have a number of knot holes - can these be filled or replaced
Floors bedroom 1 + 4 and bathroom - splintering and excessive holes around radiator piping
Hall bottom riser now meets floor - used to be an inch above it - is this a problem for installation of wooden floor
Hall damaged architrave around cloakroom door
Hall garage step very rough
Hall plaster or concrete stuck to surround on right hand side of front door
Hall plaster or concrete stuck to glass panel of living-room door
Hall wiring inside front door for phone etc untidy and unsightly
Hall Bannister end posts need to be refinished or replaced very rough
Hotpress Immersion not wired
Kitchen breakfast bar too short not as per showhouse plan and agreement
Kitchen bubbling on breakfast bar cabinet door
Kitchen cooker hood door too large a gap on either side
Kitchen end panel of corner to right of utility door does not match other panels
Kitchen hob not installed knobs to be on right
Kitchen Tiling at edge of kitchen units around sink does not match well with kick board
Kitchen wall tiling not done
Kitchen gap between window sill and window frame
Hall Nail on first step sticking out
Hall Door needs extra screw at bottom
Kitchen plaster or concrete attached to floor tiles
Kitchen cooker extractor fan not connected
Kitchen Curved edges of corner unit doors unfinished and unsightly
Kitchen Sink draining board dented or bent
Kitchen grout attached to wall over breakfast bar
Landing no handle on door to hotpress
Landing extra laths requested in hot press
Landing Smoke alarm as per electric spec not installed Urgent
Living Room hall door glass panel does not match adjoining fixed panel
Kitchen kitchen floor to be protected from any repainting spills.
Living Room gap under side panel for wooden floor ? Withdrawn
Living Room gap between window sill and window frame
Living Room corner at right side of fireplace is a long way from square
Living Room corner at left side of window is not square
Living Room paint splashed on fireplace
Living Room Double doors- handle is stiff.
Living Room Double doors- upper fixing hole unfinished
Living Room Double doors- rebate needs to be repaired rough and splintered
Living Room Double doors- top of door very rough
Living Room TV point is single rather than double
Living Room gas pipe extremely obvious
Master Bed Landing door does not close properly
Master Bed Landing door architrave needs to be repainted
Master Bed TV point is single rather than double
Master Bed phone point not finished
Master Bed missing wardrobe door above vanity cabinet
Master Bed socket under vanity unit should be closer to front as per discussions with electrician
Master Bed clothes rail to left of vanity is too low. should be about 4 inches higher and adjust shelf
Master Bed Left window extremely stiff
Outside Brick missing to the right of front door
Outside fascia damaged above front door
Outside No Downpipes
Outside Downpipe shores missing covers
Outside missing covers on sewerage pipes plus pipes full of rubbish
Outside Vent on outside of 4th bedroom upside-down
Outside concrete edge of patio protrudes under soil. very little soil covering this concrete
Outside Garden walls incomplete
Outside front gate pillars heights need to be adjusted
Outside Front (right) garden not level
Outside large amount of debris included in soil to the left of driveway
Outside Loose concrete attached to walkway on the left side of the house
Outside earthing point exposed outside rear door
Outside cooker extractor fan outlet not properly sealed
Outside when will it be seeded
Landing Bannister posts very rough
Outside Front pillars to be evened up.
Living Room hall door handle stiff
Outside Broken slate in front of house above front door.
Outside copper pipe protruding from side wall above gas boiler vent - not sealed around hole in wall
Outside Drive not sanded
Outside Extra topsoil required in corners and along back wall
Outside Wooden fencing not installed. gates on both sides required.
Skirting will need to be attached properly after installation of wooden floor
Skirting all unpainted skirting not flush with wall
Outside Provided crow guard to be installed
Painting skirting - architraves - kitchen and other areas are badly marked or unpainted - retouching will be needed. Do not retouch the master bedroom or bedroom 2 please
keys I understand that the keys have gone missing again we regard the security of the house to be irrevocably compromised and require the locks to be changed before we take possession.
checked electric sockets
checked electric lights
checked showers
checked water pressure
checked gas
checked radiator thermostats
checked gas fire connection
checked toilet flush
checked attic electric socket and other attic issues
checked electric shower
Utility Skirting needs to be flush with floor
Utility casing next to boiler unpainted and unfinished
Utility all voids and cavities around pipes need to be sealed
Utility hole in wall near window sill
Utility plaster or concrete stuck to back door
Utility kitchen / utility door does not shut properly
Utility Gas Boiler and casing next to it not square
Skirting not attached properly in under stairs cupboard
Utility Bottom of back door uneven and a large gap between it and the floor
Throughout Internal vent covers not attached at all 4 corners
Windows they don't stay open.
Windows Need keys to check they lock
Water Water comes up through bath plug hole when water is drained from sink in main bathroom. Also very noisy gurgling during draining
Ensuite Light fitting not connecting properly to lightbulb
Utility water pipes for washing machine colour coded incorrectly
Water Water Pressure in shower in main batroom unacceptably low - falls to dribble if you take the shower head off the wall. Urgent

Well that's it. Hope our experiences were some help. Add an entry to the guestbook if you have any comments.

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