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Snag List




Wall damaged, from handle, behind the door. (Doorstopper required)

Plaster on doorframe

Family room door damaged

Paint work on stairs – not finished around spindles

First tread of stairs damaged – I want to be able to varnish the stairs

Gap around front door, needs sealing

Knurl post needs to be tightened.

Spacers between spindles not flush

2nd spindle up damaged

Spindles a disgrace, some flush, nails sticking out, paint on them

Gap between top knurl and slabbing, looking up from hallway

Plaster around toilet switch.


Family room

Window broken

Finish around alarm wires

Vent missing

Window head, off level

Telephone socket not fixed

Paint work marked, all over, skirting, wall and doorframe

Radiator chipped, and off level

Lumps of concrete on floor

Plaster around radiator pipe cracked.

No TV point


Toilet understairs

Door handle missing

Sink pedestal missing

No seat on toilet

Flush not working

Needs sealing between sink and tiles

Plaster/paintwork damaged

Blank on toilet cistern

No sink plug



Holes in plasterwork above kitchen

Varnish dripped onto cabinets

Grout on sockets and tiles

Grout not waterproof

Handles missing from doors

Tidy up earth wires around sink, ? Properly earthed

Hole too deep around drainpipes

Sockets need to be fixed

Space for fridge too narrow, should be at least 600mm

Sink scraped on draining board

Paint on units

Plaster work (L) of fridge very uneven

Handle damaged on small window

Kitchen door damaged, locks sticking

Utility door not closing

Wood panels in cabinets not all matching – see side panels

Floor cement cracked between kitchen and utility


Utility room

Waste pipe from dink needs to be fixed (big hole) – more obvious from the outside

Yellow paint on ceiling

Damp cement around door


Dining room

Plaster work around patio door

Doors leading to sitting room damaged

Top lock missing from double doors

Double doors – upper fixing hole unfinished

ฎ Patio door – vent not closing


Sitting room

Mantle scraped

Gap around fireplace

Paint and cement of marble

Cement on surround

Door sticking

Window surround not finished

Nail on screed of doorway

Nails on floor boards



Lumps of cement on dashing

Top of tiles over back door

Fall wrong on cutter over kitchen – crooked to the naked eye.

Blocks missing from back wall

Fascia soffit not weather proofed

Vent needs tightening

Barbed wire in back wall

Trim trees.

Remove debris, including fallen trees, from lawns – front and back.

Door broken off cable TV box

Remove cement from back patio

Sliding doors

-     cement on runner

*   door damaged

Side door loose

Gap over side door between facia

Waste pipe, from utility room, cut too short

Door bell screw rusty.

Front door needs varnishing, along the edge where it was shaved.

Has lead been waterproofed?

Roof tile over kitchen broken – seen from bedroom 3.


Hallway upstairs

Hole and finish around banister

Window sticking

Hotpress door sticking, lock missing

Roughly finished hotpress door

Plaster damaged

Spindles not plum, 100% off level.

Paint on stairs

Bonding unsatifactory in hotpress



Surround of attic door not even, needs repainting

Smoke alarm wiring incorrect – a strip connector with insulating tape is not acceptable, there should be a proper enclosure

Water tank lids missing


Bedroom 3 – smaller one at back of house

Dent on skirting

Vent from window missing

Window surround needs finishing

Nail coming through windowsill

Door damaged, catching on lock screw

Paint on woodwork around wardrobe

Plaster damaged around skirting

Gap between wardrobe and skirting

Knot holes in floor boards


Main bedroom

Shelf missing from wardrobe

Thermostat crooked, wrong way around

Window ledge not tight against window

Handle of left window does not close completely, also chipped

TV point not in correct position, it’s below another socket, it should be to the right.

Remove concrete from floor.

Plaster on light switch

Radiator damaged and chipped.

No seal around shower tray at bottom of tiles

? Support on under shower tray

Paint on woodwork around dresser/wardrobes

No sealing between sink and tiles

Door sticking in bathroom

No wardrobe rails

Pole holders in wardrobe crooked

Painting not finished under sink

Should alarm cable be in with phone cable?

Water not draining out of shower tray

Sink loose

No plug for sink

Panel on left side of wardrobe not fitted smoothly and is chipped

Roughness around door handles needs to be deburred

Pencil marks on doors near handles.

Window – track for hinge loose.


Bedroom 2 - larger one at back of house

Wall damaged beside door

Sealing around window not finished

No poles in wardrobe

Uneven floor entering room

Plaster not finished around light switch and sockets

Paint on wood of wardrobe

Door handle on wardrobe door is loose



Side of bath wall (near door) not finished

Tiles are not properly finished around sink, not sealed

Door sticking

Paint on tiles

Bath     - Sides not finished

*   Top of bath wall damaged

*   No seal around bath

No pedestal under sink

No plug for bath or sink

No toilet seat


Bedroom 4, (boxroom)

Bottom of wardrobe not finished

Nail sticking up from floor

Wall damaged at wardrobe – under light

Door won’t close

Floor uneven




Excess plaster on all wooden floors

25mm clearance required under all doors

Window and door locks need checking

Upstairs floors have a number of knot holes – can they be filled or replaced

Unable to check water pressure